3D Mammography: Clear and Accurate

By Tanya / Guest Blogger
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May 18, 2015

Mammography plays a major role in detecting breast cancer when it’s still small enough to be easily treated. And advances in detection and treatment of breast abnormalities, both benign and cancerous conditions, are helping to find small, invasive cancers earlier with less invasive techniques. 3D mammography, also called breast tomosynthesis, uses low-dose radiation to take […]

Healing, Support and Communication

By Yvonne Patten RN MSN
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December 29, 2014

Hearing the words “You have cancer” must be one of the worst experiences a person can face. Cancer  or any other  life-threatening illness,  can be emotionally and physically overwhelming not only for the individual, but for their  family and friends as well.  A consultation with a Palliative Care Team is beneficial to help alleviate some […]

What You Should Know About Breast Reconstruction (Part II)

By Johnny Franco, M.D.
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August 04, 2014

 What is the best timing for breast reconstruction? The best timing for breast reconstruction  depends on the individual patient.  Some of the benefits of immediate breast reconstruction is that the process begins at the moment of the mastectomy.  It can decrease the overall number of surgeries that the patient needs to complete her reconstruction.  It […]

What You Should Know About Breast Reconstruction (Part I)

By Johnny Franco, M.D.
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July 28, 2014

What is reconstruction? Reconstruction is any procedure performed after the body has been altered from its normal form whether that is from cancer, burns or trauma. Breast reconstruction is a broad term that is used to describe the restoration of  the breast to its natural shape and form.  Reconstruction can be done by a variety […]

What is Lymphedema?

By Mary Crosswell PT, CLT
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July 21, 2014

Lymphedema is an abnormal collection of high-protein fluid in the fatty tissues just beneath the skin. The condition causes swelling most often in the arms or legs, but may also affect other body parts. Lymphedema can be due to a hereditary condition (primary lymphedema), but it is most commonly the result of an insufficiency of […]

Ask the Expert about Breast Self Exams (BSE)

By Tania / CareCoach
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June 16, 2014

Tania Santos, BSN, R.N., OCN, CBPN-IC, has been a registered nurse for 10 years, eight of them at the Step-down Oncology unit at Baptist Hospital of Miami. Ms. Santos joined Baptist Health Breast Center in December 2012, as a Clinical CareCoach/Navigation Coordinator and recently earned her certification in patient navigation. Her goal is to ensure […]

Ask the Expert about Mammograms

By Joanna Tewfik D.O.
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June 09, 2014

Joanna Tewfik, D.O. is a Board-certified radiologist who serves as an attending breast imaging radiologist for Baptist Health South Florida. She is a dedicated women’s imaging specialist performing mammography, breast ultrasound, MRI, PEM and tomosynthesis, as well as stereotactic ultrasound- and MRI-guided breast biopsies. How Should You Prepare for a Mammogram? Before your mammogram, ensure […]

Mammograms Save Moms

By Muriel the Editor
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May 02, 2014

Each year, breast cancer claims the lives of countless moms, daughters, sisters, wives, best friends, even husbands and sons.  Caring for a Healthier Tomorrow At Baptist Health South Florida, we’re committed to helping women and men live longer and healthier lives.  With an early detection survival rate of 89 percent according to the American Cancer […]

Meet the CareCoach – Linda

By Linda / CareCoach
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March 31, 2014

My 49th birthday in 1997 turned out to be life changing!  My colleague, Dollie Dean, gave me the gift of all gifts − not the bottle of Obsession perfume I was hoping for, but a gift I have learned to really treasure and never take for granted − the gift of life! I received a […]