Six Years

By Natalia | Guest Blogger
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October 09, 2015

Six years. 2,190 days.  In 2009, I wasn’t sure I’d make it to my 35th birthday. I still had two babies in diapers and a toddler being potty trained.  Strollers.  Dolls.  Dora the Explorer and Mickey Mouse.  I should have spent my free time going on play dates, not doctor’s appointments.  Life has changed a lot […]

With Courage – All Things are Possible Part II

By Carmen / Guest Blogger
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October 05, 2015

I find myself having to tap into that source of strength once again as I face a new chapter in my life, repeating the mantras and prayers of four years ago, to build up my courage. I am faced with divorce after breast cancer; after choosing not to have breast reconstruction. There is no need […]

With Courage – All Things are Possible Part I

By Carmen / Guest Blogger
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October 02, 2015

  Years ago my perception of courage was taking on a challenge with laser focus. Boom! Get it done! Do it well!  My laser focus included everything in my path – my work, being a friend, mom, wife and athlete. I was young. I felt I could do anything if I put my mind to […]

Life Goes On

By Doreen / Guest Blogger
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August 12, 2015

Well after diagnosis and treatment are over, you will settle back into your life with a new appreciation for the things that you once took for granted. Whether we like it or not, cancer changes us forever. It is up to us to make the change a positive one. At the beginning of my journey, […]

Smiling Equals Optimism

By Imani / Guest Blogger
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July 29, 2015

It’s funny how some moments in your life seem so critical and threatening at the time, only to become a mere thought after they’ve past. You stress yourself in the moment thinking you will never get past it, or you dread each day, for fear that even worse news will come. The days don’t seem […]

Independence Day Recipe

By Miriam | Guest Blogger
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July 03, 2015

Independence Day, also known as the Fourth of July, celebrates America’s separation from Great Britain.  However, most of us associate the day with fireworks, parades, patriotic concerts, and especially backyard barbeques. Every backyard chef has a special recipe or a “secret” ingredient to enhance their signature dish.  That recipe lists all of the required ingredients and the method of combining them, […]

All I Want to Do is Be Healthy

By Gerri / Guest Blogger
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June 05, 2015

I am looking forward to my retirement. People always ask me what I am going to do. Well, believe me, I will have plenty to do, but all I really want is to be healthy. I try hard to eat right and exercise. I feel that thinking positive is a must. When I got diagnosed […]

Don’t Worry … Be Happy!

By Miriam | Guest Blogger
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May 13, 2015

Why do you worry? What do you worry about? Can your worrying change the outcome of anything? Should you simply learn to go with the flow? To let things happen “naturally?” In 1988, Bobby McFerrin’s hit song “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” was No.1 on the pop charts and won “Song of the Year” as well […]

A Mother’s Fight

By Mary / Guest Blogger
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May 10, 2015

  This Mother’s Day falls just before my two-year anniversary of being diagnosed with an aggressive form of early-stage, invasive breast cancer. Anniversaries can trigger traumatic memories, and as mine approaches, I catch myself reliving pieces of that day I was diagnosed. Breast cancer would permeate every layer of my identity, shifting the way I […]