Watch Now: Treadmill Safety Tips

The health value of exercise is well-documented in federal data and personal stories. But high-profile accidents have prompted national discussions about exercise equipment and safety. That’s what happened after the untimely passing of a well-known Silicon Valley figure David Goldberg, chief executive of SurveyMonkey, who reportedly experienced head trauma while using a treadmill at a resort, according to published reports.

Such fatal accidents on treadmills are rare, and the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission  reports that there have been 30 reported deaths linked to treadmills during a 10-year period from 2003 to 2012—or roughly three a year.

But injuries linked to treadmills are much more common, according to federal data. In 2014, for example, treadmill-related injuries accounted for 24,400 patient visits to hospital emergency departments — up from 23,900 in 2013.


Treadmill Injuries Leading to Emergency Dept. Visits








Here are a few facts about treadmills from James Cordell, director of the Mariners Wellness Center at Mariners Hospital. On the video and below, he discusses the importance of exercise and the value of safety.

What is unique about treadmills?

Most pieces of exercise equipment are not motorized. For example, stationary bicycles and elliptical machines are powered by your movement. But a treadmill is the one piece of equipment that has a belt-driven motor that continuously moves at a programmed speed. And if the safety clip is not used, the treadmill will continue moving at the designated speed, even if you slow down or stop moving.


How can danger develop?

Distractions can be a major problem when you are on a treadmill because the equipment is programmed to maintain a certain speed. Accidents can occur when someone looks away to send a text, adjust music or to reach for something. Even with a quick glance away from the machine or a moment of distraction, you can lose your balance and fall.


How can you minimize danger?

It’s important to learn how to use all exercise equipment properly and to use the safety features.  The Baptist Health South Florida News Team has the safety tips you need to know. Watch now.


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