Watch Now: ‘Swing Bed’ Unit Offers Inpatient Physical Therapy

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October 20, 2015

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Most adults in the U.S. expect to be living independently by age 80, but about 50 percent expect to lose strength and flexibility by that age, according to a recent study from the American Physical Therapy Association. But physical therapy — in a hospital setting or as an outpatient — can make a difference, according to experts at Mariners Hospital, which offers a variety of physical therapy services.

“Physical therapists, who are movement system experts, can help adults stay strong and remain independent, enabling the kind of lifestyle survey respondents hope for, despite widespread beliefs that the negative effects of aging are unavoidable,” according to a statement from the American Physical Therapy Association.

At Mariners, patient support includes a “Swing Bed” unit that offers a variety of medical services for patients of all ages, who are recovering from surgery, injury or an illness. Mariners Hospital Swing Bed Services provides extended care for patients unable to care for themselves at home while recovering from an illness or injury.

October is National Physical Therapy Month and in honor of the observation, experts at Mariners Hospital discussed Swing Bed Services.

The Baptist Health South Florida News Team was there. Watch now.

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