The Boutique at Miami Cancer Institute Is Perfect Fit for Breast Cancer Patients (Video)

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June 1, 2017

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In the nine years since Marilyn Wagshul had a double mastectomy to treat breast cancer, it’s been difficult for her to find proper-fitting bras. Until she came across The Boutique at Miami Cancer Center.

“After I finished my doctor’s appointment, I took a walk around the beautiful new building to see what’s here and saw The Boutique,” said Ms. Wagshul. “I came in and Tania was very nice and accommodating. I bought some bras that fit great, and I’m very pleased with them. It’s a relief to have something that fits and makes you feel good.”

(The Baptist Health South Florida News Team hears from patient Marilyn Wagshul and mastectomy fitter Tania Spinks about The Boutique at Miami Cancer Institute. Video by George Carvalho.)

For many women who have breast cancer, special clothing like a mastectomy bra, is an important part of post-surgery recovery. The Boutique at Miami Cancer Institute offers a full line of beautiful bras and other clothing, as well as a wide range of prosthetic breasts and nipples.

“Most people don’t realize, even those who have mastectomies, how difficult it is to find bras and other devices for breast cancer patients,” said Ms. Wagshul. “Most of the bras that are on the market and in department stores don’t fit us. It’s totally different.”

The Boutique’s certified mastectomy fitter, Tania Spinks, consults with patients in a private room where she talks about their medical history, what they are looking for in a bra and takes measurements.

In addition to mastectomy bras and related items, The Boutique also offers a full line of wigs and accompanying salon service. Skin-care products and compression garments can also be found there.

“I’m very happy I found this store. The staff here has obviously been trained in the field of oncology. They are so caring and very kind.” Ms. Wagshul said. “It’s very important for cancer patients to find someone who cares about you.”

The Baptist Health News Team visited The Boutique to learn more. Watch the video now.

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