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Take Your Medicine

It seems obvious: the medicine your doctor prescribes can’t help you if you don’t take it, or if you don’t take it the way you’re supposed to.  So it may surprise you that, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, prescription medications are not taken as prescribed an astounding 50 percent of the time — and up to 30 percent of new prescriptions are never filled at the pharmacy at all.

Host, Jonathan Fialkow, M.D. [1] and his guest, Baptist Health clinical pharmacist Sara Eltaki, PharmD, talk about why sticking to the correct medication routine, or ‘medication adherence’,  is so important to get the maximum benefit and avoid potential problems.

Ever wonder what happens when you miss a dose of your medication? Or if you accidentally take too much?  What should you ask your doctor or pharmacist when you get a new prescription?  Why is it important to inform your doctor about other medications and supplements you’re taking?