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Another Reason to Be Grateful: Thanksgiving

thanksgiving group shot

If you’re looking for something more to be grateful for this week, you might want to start with Thanksgiving.  This American holiday allows us to devote an entire day to gratitude, a practice linked to both physical and emotional well-being, according to scientific research. Scientists in the relatively new field of positive psychology have found that grateful people are happier, less stressed in mind and body and are ultimately healthier. How can just being grateful and expressing gratitude have such positive effects? “Gratitude is conducive to resilience and the capacity to cope with stress,” says Rev. Guillermo Escalona, director of pastoral education at Baptist Health South Florida. “It helps us to bounce back from hardships and avoid seeing crises or difficult events as terrible problems.” What is stress? Stress is actually the brain’s response to any demand, says the National Institute of Mental Health. In short doses, chemicals and hormones released in...

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