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When it comes to modern living, Miami may have it all — plus an unhealthy dose of stress. That’s the word from researchers who placed Miami on their list of the “10 Most Stressed Out Cities in the U.S.,” according to CNN.

To create the list, CNN consulted with the American Psychological Association and other research teams. Surprise, Surprise: New York, New York ranked No. 1 when it comes to stress in the city, but here’s the verdict on Miami, which was ranked 7:

“It may have tropical weather, beautiful beaches and a cool art scene, but Miami’s residents are dealing with plenty of stresses: poverty, a high cost of living and terrible traffic,” the report said.

Health alert: Chronic stress can increase physical pain and lead to other ailments, according to a series of reports we’ve published on this blog:

Heart Disease and Stress

Meanwhile, there are several new reports about the dangerous link between stress and heart disease.  For example, a research team led by Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts General Hospital demonstrated that higher stress levels increase the count of white blood cells, which in turn contributes to a higher risk of heart disease.

A German research team released similar findings, according to a published report in Techsonia, an independent financial news and research organization.

Here are a few stories about risk factors for heart and vascular disease from Baptist Health:

The Perks of Pet Ownership

If stress is one your health risk factors, consider owning a pet, according to a CNN news report: “5 Ways Pets Benefit Your Health.”

Here are a few of our favorite pet stories:

New Protective Headwear in Baseball

The sports world provides one more reason to cheer. Alex Torres, a Padres relief pitcher, has become the first Major League Baseball pitcher to wear a protective cap while on the pitching mound, according to Yahoo Sports.

His decision follows a recent spate of head injuries suffered by pitchers and other baseball players hit by fast balls. Pitchers are especially vulnerable to line drives.

This roster of stories provides more information about sports, health and injuries:

And finally, here’s a short list of some of our headlines this week.

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