Rx Now: Skip Trip to Pharmacy with High-Tech Vending Machines

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February 17, 2020

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The concept is straightforward and offers patients enhanced convenience at Urgent Care centers. Get your commonly prescribed medications before you leave — straight from a high-tech vending machine.

The new service, Rx Now, is offered at Baptist Health’s Urgent Care centers in Miami-Dade and Broward counties, and at Baptist Health Emergency Care in West Kendall. The animated video below demonstrates the simple process behind Rx Now.

The animated video below demonstrates the simple process behind Rx Now.

Video by Irina de Souza.

Once a patient has been seen by a care provider and is given a prescription, the patient enters a personalized code and pays a convenience fee per medication (most are $5) regardless of insurance coverage. The medication is dispensed right from the machine, oftentimes eliminating a separate trip to the pharmacy.

“For many patients, a trip to the pharmacy is challenging because they are busy or feeling ill or in pain,” said Michael Decoske, Assistant Vice President of Ambulatory Pharmacy Services at Baptist Health. “Rx Now enables patients to receive their medications right at the point of care, start treatment right away and start feeling better sooner.”

Baptist Health has partnered with InstyMeds for the Rx Now program. InstyMeds was launched in 1999 and has dispensed more than 3 million prescription medications to patients around the world. InstyMeds reports that 94 percent of its dispensed prescriptions are filled at the point of care. That significantly exceeds the healthcare industry’s overall medication compliance of 70 percent — which mostly involves patients having to get their prescription at a pharmacy.

For a complete list of Urgent Care locations, visit BaptistHealth.net/UrgentCare.

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