Recording a Stroke on a Smartphone & Other Health News

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June 20, 2014

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Stacey Yepes, a 49-year-old woman from Canada (pictured left), made headlines on Yahoo news and in other outlets for recording herself having a stroke. The video helped medical professionals diagnose her condition, Yahoo reported.

Do you know the signs of a stroke? Find out what they are: Knowing the Facts About Strokes Can Save Lives


Concussion Controversy at the World Cup

Controversy over head injuries took center stage at the World Cup when Alvaro Pereira, a player from Uruguay, was knocked out during the team’s 2-1 defeat over England but returned back to the field to play.

The Washington Post covered the story and the controversy: World soccer players’ union calls on FIFA to conduct concussion investigation.

Here are a few facts from Baptist Health about concussions: Concussions Hit Younger Athletes Harder


Growth in eCigarette Market

Regulators and industry watchdogs are concerned about the fast growth of electronic cigarette brands, the marketing tactics used by them and the long-term health effects of the devices.

Here’s a report from the Los Angeles Times: The e-cigarette boom: Study finds 466 online brands, 7700 flavors

Baptist Health doctors tackled the health risks of eCigarettes: Are eCigarettes a Safer Smoking Alternative?


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