NBA Fans Guide: 10 Things to Do After Basketball Season

Mixed emotions hit the rim in my household when the 2014 NBA season ended a few weeks ago. Of course, we are proud of the Miami HEAT’s four consecutive appearances in the NBA Finals.  And even though the HEAT did not bring home the Larry O’Brien championship trophy, it was a great season: Let’s go HEAT!

But a deep loss — the end of the NBA season — still bounces around my living room. We’re having a difficult timeout.

Think about it: During the 82-game regular season, loyal NBA fans, like me, can spend at least 250 hours watching our favorite teams — and that excludes TV interviews, pre-season games and post-season playoffs. Now that the season is over, what can I do with all of the extra time on my hands?

For answers, I turned to Harlan Selesnick, M.D.,  HEAT Team Physician and orthopedic surgeon with Doctors Hospital Center for Orthopedics & Sports Medicine.

His response ranks highest on my list of 10 Things to Do After NBA Season.

1. Get fit. That’s his number one piece of advice to NBA-watching, channel-surfing, ESPN-junkies like me.

Pick an activity that you enjoy — maybe running, swimming, walking, dancing — and get busy.  But be careful.

“To avoid injury, you want to work yourself back into shape over a period of weeks,” Dr. Selesnick recommends.

Here’s how to exercise caution while you exercise:

  • Warm up and cool down: Carefully stretch before and after every sport or exercise session, he says.
  • Check your shoes: How healthy are your shoes?  Don’t wait for your sneakers or running shoes to be worn down before replacing them, Dr. Selesnick says. Worn-out footwear offers less shock absorbency, which can increase your risk for tendonitis and other injuries, he says.
  • Stay hydrated: Dehydration can lead to muscle cramps and other ailments.
  • Watch your diet: Be wary of overeating and choose healthy snacks.
  • 2. Learn a new recipe. Do you like to cook? A healthy diet can deliver great taste and nutrition. Try these recipes and nutritional tips:

  • Quick, Tasty Fish and Seafood Holiday Recipes
  • Healthy Farro con Pollo
  • 3. Catch up on sleep: Do you know the health benefits of sleep? A number of serious illnesses are linked to sleepless nights:

  • 5 Health Risks of Sleep Deprivation
  • The Dark Side of Night Light
  • 4. Spend time with your pet:

  • ‘Paws’ for Healing
  • Puppy Love, Healthy Hearts
  • 5. Take a community education class. Baptist Health offers a variety of free community programs.

    6. Volunteer: Volunteering for Good Health

    7. Cut down on sugar: New Sugar Guidelines: Cut Down on Hidden Sugar

    8. Embrace healthy aging: Prepare for Aging While Young

    9. Get your health screenings:

  • Early Detection Saves Lives
  • Health Challenge for Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month
  • 10. Prep for the fall.  Are you already thinking about the back-to-school season or the upcoming basketball schedule? You’re in good company.

    “For me, the basketball season doesn’t end,” Dr. Selesnick says. This summer, for example, he’s helping the HEAT get ready for the 2014-2015 NBA season. His summer activities include conducting physicals for potential draft prospects and checking out players who’ll participate in the HEAT’S summer training camp.

    And of course, after traveling in June with the team during the NBA finals, Dr. Selesnick is guarding his own health by cutting back on a diet of hotel food and adding more exercise.

    “Now it’s time to get back in shape,” Dr. Selesnick says.


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