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Watch Now: Children After Cervical Cancer

Anaelvys Espinoza-Ruiz was engaged to be married when she found out she had cervical cancer. While the removal of her uterus and cervix through a hysterectomy was considered the most successful treatment for her diagnosis, gynecologic oncologist Ricardo Estape, M.D. [1], of Baptist Health’s Center for Robotic Surgery [2], suggested Ms. Espinoza-Ruiz should have a robot-assisted trachelectomy. This option allowed the cancerous cervix to be removed, but preserved her fertility and ability to carry a pregnancy.

Remarkably, Ms. Espinoza-Ruiz went on to have two children – Justin and Melanie.

With the groundbreaking of Miami Cancer Institute [3] on the Baptist Hospital [4] campus, stories like Ms. Espinoza-Ruiz’s will play out more and more often, as the latest research in the detection and treatment of cancer will happen at the new facility, scheduled to open in 2016.