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Men’s Mental Health – Let’s Talk About It

The COVID pandemic has raised awareness of mental health symptoms. Yet, there is still a certain stigma attached to the subject. That stigma can make it particularly tough for men in our society, many of whom have been conditioned to believe they should be stoic and solve their problems by themselves. Experts say that cases of anxiety and depression among men of all ages often go unreported and untreated. 

In a recent episode of Baptist Health’s Resource Live program, host, Jonathan Fialkow, M.D. [1] focused a spotlight on men’s mental health and how to reach out to men in your life who may be going through mental health challenges. 


·  Rafael Rivas-Vazques, Psy.D. [2], neuropsychologist with Baptist Health South Florida

·  Kevin Wandler, M.D., chief medical officer at Advanced Recovery Systems.