Expressing Gratitude Through Art at Baptist Children’s Hospital

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August 4, 2017

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From the walls of Wynwood to the halls of Baptist Children’s Hospital, renowned artist Miguel Paredes is embedding his talents deeper into the community through his donations of two murals to Baptist Children’s Hospital. A 20-year Pinecrest resident, he feels it’s a great opportunity to tie his art to the healing process.

(Video: Artist Miguel Paredes adds smiles to the halls of Baptist Children’s Hospital with his art. Video by Tony Vivian.)

“I’ve always had interest in doing some murals here at Baptist because my children come here occasionally, and the staff is great,” Mr. Paredes said. “We’ve always had a connection with this specific hospital.”

The hospital’s walls are no stranger to being adorned with art. Palmetto Senior High School students donated their time and talents nearly 15 years ago. The walls are painted with refreshing, beach-themed murals intended to help bring the young patients out of their rooms, leading to an increase in exercise, mobility and positivity.

Laurie Sargent, senior child life specialist at Baptist Children’s Hospital, uses these murals as daily tools in healing.

“Having something great to look at on the walls is really good for their emotional well-being,” Ms. Sargent said. “The murals are therapeutic because the colors help bring their spirits up and reminds them of happy times, giving them something to look forward to as they’re healing.”

The murals have been in the planning and development phase for the last three months and are expected to be finished by the end of summer.

The Baptist Health South Florida News Team was there as Mr. Paredes worked on his mural. Watch the video now.