Episode 100: A Glimpse Behind The Scenes

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After a brief hiatus, the Baptist HealthTalk podcast is back with a special edition to mark a milestone: our 100th episode.

Join us as we turn the tables on Dr. Jonathan Fialkow to get his unique perspective on the podcast’s evolution during two of the most tumultuous years in modern medicine. Originally intended to cover common healthcare concerns such as backaches and vaping, Baptist HealthTalk made a major pivot to deliver reliable information about COVID-19 from Baptist Health leaders and experts.

Dr. Fialkow reflects on some of the most impactful episodes to date and talks about where the podcast is headed in the future – with the help of input from listeners.  To leave feedback about the podcast or suggest a topic, please send an email to BaptistHealthTalk@BaptistHealth.net. 

We thank our listeners for your support.