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COVID Long-Haulers, Vaccines & More

As more Americans become vaccinated and look forward with hope, there is a group of people who can’t seem to fully recover from the virus. These COVID “long-hauler” patients say that their symptoms continue to limit their day-to-day activities months after they recuperated from the initial infection. This long-term public health issue is the focus of a panel of Baptist Health experts, hosted by Jonathan Fialkow, M.D [1]., deputy medical director and chief of cardiology at Baptist Health’s Miami Cardiac & Vascular Institute [2].

Samer Fahmy, M.D., Chief Medical Officer at Baptist Health’s Boca Raton Regional Hospital [3]
David Mishkin, M.D. [4], Emergency Medicine Specialist for Baptist Health [5]
Madeline Camejo, Pharm.D., Chief Pharmacy Officer for Baptist Health [5]