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Clinician Well-Being During COVID and Beyond

A career in health care is physically, mentally and emotionally demanding. Even in the best of times, healthcare providers can experience symptoms of burnout. 

Over the past year, and now in the midst of the current COVID-19 surge, our frontline healthcare workers have been dealing with tremendous stress, leading many to question: how can we take care of the very people we rely on to take care of us?

Host, Jonathan Fialkow, M.D. [1], brought together a panel of frontline workers and physician leaders to talk about clinician wellbeing during the pandemic and beyond.

Ana Viamonte Ros, M.D., chief well-being officer at Baptist Health.
Yvonne Johnson, M.D., [2] chief medical officer at South Miami Hospital.
Dunia Acosta, R.N.,  Intensive care nurse at Doctors Hospital.