Be Gluten-Aware to Improve Your Health and Weight

Do you spend your days with stomach pains, your brain in a fog? Do you suffer from unexplained body aches, pains or rashes? Perhaps you’re gluten sensitive.

The South Beach Diet Gluten Solution, the newest book by best-selling author Arthur Agatston, M.D., Baptist Health’s wellness and prevention expert, tackles a problem that’s received a lot of attention in the media recently. Exactly what role does gluten play in our health?

For those who are highly gluten-sensitive, eating foods with gluten in them can lead to misery. Yet Dr. Agatston is quick to point out that the nation doesn’t need to be gluten-free, just gluten-aware.

In The South Beach Diet Gluten Solution, which builds upon the healthy eating principles in the South Beach Diet series, readers can determine their level of gluten sensitivity and discover how to eat to relieve the stomach cramps, diarrhea and other problems that accompany gluten sensitivity. And, in the process — unlike many who go gluten-free — you can also lose weight.

Here are some fast facts about gluten from Dr. Agatston:

  • Celiac disease is the most serious form of gluten sensitivity. People with celiac disease must give up gluten entirely.
  • Some 50 percent or more of Americans have some level of gluten sensitivity. By removing wheat and other gluten-containing foods from your diet, you can feel better.
  • People who are sensitive to gluten can experience intestinal inflammation, diminished nutrient absorption and autoimmune problems such as skin rashes, joint pain, poor concentration and more.
  • Most people with gluten sensitivity do not need to go gluten-free. They need to be gluten-aware, discover their triggers and learn how to avoid gluten overload.
  • Children with gluten sensitivity are often misdiagnosed as hyperactive, or can have health problems such as ear infections, asthma, headaches and joint pain.
  • – Read Dr. Agatston’s “5 Things You Need to Know” about gluten on

    – Hear directly from Dr. Agatston how gluten sensitivity can be determined and minimized.

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