Answers to the Top-Searched Health Questions

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September 10, 2021

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Thanks to the Internet, answers to almost any question are available with a few clicks of the mouse – including questions about health concerns.  Millions of people turn to search engines, primarily Google, to look up information about symptoms, diseases, and medications. There are many hazards when it comes to using ‘Dr. Google’ as your main source of medical advice – but that’s a topic for another episode.

Search engine statistics can tell us what’s at the top of people’s minds. So, we took a list of top-searched health questions and brought together experts from the Baptist Health family to serve up the facts.

Host, Jonathan Fialkow, M.D.’s guests were:  

· Michael Decoske, assistant vice president of Pharmacy Administration at Baptist Health.
· Katie Acquino, M.D., medical director of Baptist Urgent Care Express in Palm Beach
· Liana Barkan, M.D., an internal medicine physician

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