A Closer Look at Breast and Ovarian Cancer – Miami Cancer Institute Webinar

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October 22, 2020

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Many women understand that if they have breast cancer, they may be at higher risk for ovarian cancer ― and vice versa. But did you know that if your relatives, including your father or grandfather, had pancreatic, prostate or any other type of cancer, your chance of getting breast or ovarian cancer is also increased?

Several experts from Miami Cancer Institute got together recently to talk basics during the Fight ‘N Heal Pink ‘N Teal: A Look at Breast and Ovarian Cancer webinar. They discussed the links between the two diseases and other forms of cancer, as well as prevention and the importance of screenings, the latest treatments and promising clinical trials. They also provided an overview of genetic counseling and testing, which can be crucial not only in determining your likelihood of getting cancer, but in driving treatment decisions if you do.

Join our panel, Leonard Kalman, M.D., executive deputy director and chief medical officer of Miami Cancer Institute; Nicholas Lambrou, M.D., chief of gynecologic oncology and medical director of robotic surgery; Starr Mautner, M.D., breast cancer surgeon; Nicole Eiseler, M.D., medical oncologist; and Jessika Contreras, M.D., radiation oncologist, as they give the facts about breast and ovarian cancer and answer viewers’ questions.

Watch the entire webinar below:

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