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Disparity in Care, Doses of Change

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Do you know a needy child with an apparent case of “attention deficit hyperactive disorder?" Look closer, says Tina Carroll-Scott, M.D., medical director of South Miami Children’s Clinic. Untreated medical problems can show up as inattention, poor grades and other problems in the classroom, she says. “When I actually delve deeper, I’ve discovered that some kids have never seen a dentist and have multiple cavities and tooth decay. They aren’t paying attention in school because they are in pain,” she says. Treatable illnesses, such as diabetes, hypertension and cancer, can become unmanageable or fatal when patients lack access to affordable healthcare, according to  Leonard Zwerling, M.D.,  who chaired the Healthcare Disparity Committee at South Miami Hospital. “In our community, there is a population that is underserved. Many of the medically impoverished do not have access to healthcare, wellness, transportation or follow-up care,” Dr. Zwerling says....

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