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Spirituality and Healing: Extra Doses of Support

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Let’s face it. There are no magic pills for instant recovery and good health. But research shows that in addition to excellent medical care, spirituality can provide a dose of extra healing. And that includes prayer and meditation. “It’s all connected. When we tend to our spiritual self, we are addressing health and illness at a very basic level,” says Chaplain Renato Santos, head chaplain in the Pastoral Care department at Baptist Health South Florida. “Prayer and meditation have the ability to slow us down and help us focus on things that are really important,” Academic studies point to that same conclusion. The Journal of American Medical Association Psychiatry reported a 90 percent reduction in major depression among those who ranked spirituality and religion as important. Meditation and mindfulness practices are also linked to lower inflammation in the body, according to one medical study. And the American Heart Association also reported a connection between...

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