Why Young Philanthropists of Baptist Health (YPBH)?

In the midst of busy lives, demanding careers and family obligations, Young Philanthropists of Baptist Health (YPBH) use the power of teamwork and its member base to make a genuine difference in the health and well-being of the South Florida community.

Through philanthropy, community service and education, YPBH members invest time and resources in care and prevention, while connecting people in underserved communities to the services they need and deserve.

Young Philanthropists focus fundraising efforts on an annual project – such as important health and wellness initiatives, specialized services or new technologies to improve patient care – and raise funds to make it a reality.

Young Philanthropists have a message for you: If your mission to make a difference feels too big to accomplish on your own, join our team.

Young Philanthropist Membership 

Giving Levels: All are renewable annually.

$2,500 per year, per individual/couple, age 45-49

At this level, members become Baptist Health Foundation Benefactors in four years.

$1,000 per year, per individual/couple, age 30-44

$500 per year, per individual/couple, age 21-29

Yearly contributions of $2,500 and $1,000 may be paid in annual, semi-annual or quarterly installments. Yearly gifts of $500 may be paid annually or semi-annually.

In addition to the camaraderie of working together to improve healthcare in South Florida, members also enjoy other benefits, including:

  • Leadership engagement opportunities with Baptist Health senior leadership
  • Opportunities to network with diverse and like-minded professionals
  • Invitations to educational seminars, luncheons, networking events, tours of hospitals/ facilities and other special events

2020 Entity-Specific Fundraising Projects:

South Miami Hospital

Maternity Simulation

YPBH will fund the purchase of maternity simulation training equipment with a total cost of $100,000. A life-like robotic mannequin will simulate the conditions and symptoms of labor and delivery. These symptoms and conditions include high-risk complications, maternal or fetal deterioration, etc. A simulation mannequin allows providers to train and test safety scenarios. Those trained will include nurses, physicians, anesthesiology teams, obstetrical surgical staff, transfusion and laboratory professionals, and interventional radiology specialists.

Fishermen’s Community Hospital

Our Community, Your Hospital

YPBH will continue to support the capital campaign to build an entirely new Fishermen’s Community Hospital, following its destruction by Hurricane Irma in 2017. The cost of an entirely new hospital is estimated to be $45 million. It will include a 24/7 Emergency Room, inpatient and intensive care unit beds, inpatient and outpatient surgery, lab services, a pharmacy and diagnostic imaging.

Mariners Hospital

Mariners Hospital Wellness Center

The Mariners Hospital YPBH chapter will fund 10 new spin bikes and three new treadmills with a total cost of $36,663. The spin bikes and treadmills are in high demand for gym attendees and are also the ideal workout regimen for recovering orthopedic patients. The upgraded equipment will help support the high demand and sustain the Wellness Center’s mission to give patients, employees and community members the opportunity to proactively prevent wellness-related illnesses.

West Kendall Baptist Hospital

Behavioral Health Working Group Brain Bags

The West Kendall YPBH chapter will fund 950 Brain Bags with a total cost of $27,683. The West Kendall Baptist Hospital Behavioral Health Working Group has identified the Brain Bag as an opportunity to support the mental health and wellbeing of our community, starting at birth. These bags provide information on postpartum life, as well as how babies’ brains develop. They will give the caregivers tools and strategies of how to support healthy brain development. Brain Bags will be provided to every newborn baby and their caregivers upon discharge from the Beautiful Beginnings Unit, reaching nearly 1,000 West Kendall families each year.

Steering Committee

The Young Philanthropists of Baptist Health (YPBH) Steering Committee consists of members who represent a wide range of professional backgrounds. The Steering Committee has led the charge in raising more than $835,000 for unfunded Baptist Health initiatives, programs and projects. The group also oversees YPBH’s social and educational events, membership and recruitment, community outreach, and project selection and management. Steering Committee members serve in leadership roles on various committees and sub-committees to ensure the growth and development of YPBH.

  • David Null

    David Null


  • Adam Cohn, DMD

    Adam Cohn, DMD

    Vice Chair

  • Daniel Rodriguez

    Daniel Rodriguez

    Events Sub-committee Char

  • Mark Hernandez, M.D.

    Mark Hernandez, M.D.

    Chair Emeritus

  • Dustin Magnas

    Dustin Magnas

    Vice Chair Emeritus

  • Megan Cottle

    Megan Cottle

    Nautical Nights Sub-committee Chair

  • Ruben Levisman

    Ruben Levisman

  • Lauren Frost, M.D.

    Lauren Frost, M.D.

    Clinical Development Sub-committee Chair

  • Michael Hernandez, M.D.

    Michael Hernandez, M.D.

  • Pablo Estepe

    Pablo Estepe

  • Zashary Morel

    Zashary Morel

    Member Development Sub-committee

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For more information, contact Amanda Kershner, Development Manager, Young Philanthropists of Baptist Health.