Baptist Health’s Foundation leadership is focused on inspiring philanthropy and building extraordinary donor relationships in support of excellence, innovation, community wellness and global leadership in healthcare. Through philanthropy, the Foundation supports and expands Baptist Health’s ability to provide outstanding patient care and bring the latest treatments and technology to patients and families affected by a serious illness. Our team tirelessly works with donors to fund cutting-edge research and offer continuing education opportunities to clinical staff.

Staff Leadership

  • Alex Villoch

    Alex Villoch

    Chief Executive Officer


    Alex Villoch serves as Chief Executive Officer of Baptist Health Foundation, overseeing all administrative, operational and philanthropic initiatives. She  is the liaison between the Foundation Board and greater Foundation staff. Her role also includes oversight of Baptist Health’s Government & Community Relations and Hospitality & Business Relations divisions.

  • Shelly Hiranand

    Shelly Hiranand

    Assistant Vice President of Operations


    Shelly Hiranand is responsible for the development and implementation of infrastructure to support administrative and fiscal oversight, restricted fund management, strategic growth, prospect development, Foundation events, performance metrics, gift processing and compliance.

  • Annie Martinez-Lopez

    Annie Martinez-Lopez

    Assistant Vice President of Development


    Annie Martinez-Lopez is responsible for the planning, operation and coordination of philanthropy for Baptist Hospital of Miami, Gift Planning, Miami Cardiac & Vascular Institute and Miami Neuroscience Institute.

  • Jacquie O’Malley

    Jacquie O’Malley

    Assistant Vice President of Development


    Jacquie O’Malley is responsible for the planning, operation and coordination of philanthropy for Miami Cancer Institute and HEAT.HELP.CURE. – a partnership between the Miami HEAT and Baptist Health Foundation to raise critical funds to benefit Miami Cancer Institute.

  • Wendy Reilly Gentes

    Wendy Reilly Gentes

    Assistant Vice President of Development


    Wendy Reilly Gentes is responsible for the planning, operation and coordination of philanthropy for Doctors Hospital, Fishermen’s Community Hospital, Homestead Hospital, Mariners Hospital, Miami Orthopedics & Sports Medicine Institute, West Kendall Baptist Hospital and Young Philanthropists of Baptist Health.

  • Jamie Thomas

    Jamie Thomas

    Assistant Vice President of Development


    Jamie Thomas is responsible for the planning, operation and coordination of philanthropy for the Giving Society, Cornerstone Society, Donor Recognition, Physician and Grateful Patient programs, Miami Innovation Institute, South Miami Hospital, Homestead Hospital and Baptist Health’s Ocean Reef Community.

Volunteer Leadership

Baptist Health Foundation’s Board of Directors are all volunteers who serve without pay. Their only compensation is the reward of improving the status of healthcare in our communities. Board members are members of the community who are committed to the vision and mission of our organization. The Foundation Board of Directors are some of our greatest advocates. Their contributions, time and effort help guide the strategic vision, financial sustainability and awareness of Baptist Health as a nonprofit organization benefiting from philanthropic support to better serve our community.
  • Robert G. Berrin, Chairman of the Board
    Lani Kahn Drody, Vice Chairman
    Tomas P. Erban, Chairman Emeritus
    Michael Katz, Treasurer
    Lane M. Jones, Secretary
    Alex Villoch, CEO

    • Dick Anderson
      Louis Franklin Andrews
      Agustin Arellano, Jr.
      Jorge A. Arguelles
      George N. Aronoff
      Ernesto Aviñó
      Steven I. Bandel
      Richard L. Barbara, Esq.
      Elizabeth Rae Baxter
      Vanessa M. Bertran, Esq.
      Monica S. Betancourt
      Stephen A. Blumenthal
      Steven J. Brodie
      Joseph R. Buchanan, Esq.
      Carolina Canida
      Johanna Paterson Carrier
      Michael Peale Carrier
      Mauricio Cayon
      Bea Citron
      Sarah Cizmas
      Robert Coward
      Shawn Crews
      Liana M. de Mena
      William Dickinson
      Michele Dudley
      Wayne C. Eldred
      Kim Elliott
      Joseph A. Fernandez
      Pedro A. Fernandez
      David Fiestal
      Karel K. Foti
      George W. Foyo
      Pedro J. Garcia
      Peter C. Gardner
      Alex Gierbolini
      Ralph L. Godwin, Jr.
      Jose Antonio Gonzalez
      Kristina Gossman-Ducanes
      Leif Gunderson
      William H. Henneberry
      Mark A. Hernandez, M.D.
      Jay A. Hershoff, Esq.
      Sofia Holtzman
      Milton A. Jimenez, M.D.
      Lourdes Jofré-Collett
      Judith Katzen
      Erin D. Knight
      Jason Koler
      Rosario Rico-Toro Korn
      Rudy J. Kranys
      Samir Kulkarni, M.D.
      Jon Landau
      James M. Leonard
      Gail Ranieri Long
      Carlos E. Lowell
      Brian Magrane, M.D.
      John Cyril Malloy, III
      Joanne J. McGregor-Ganus
      Fernando G. Mendoza, M.D.
      Juan Antonio Michelena
      Carly Miller
      Mario J. Miranda
      Alex Montague
      William P. Murphy
      Jane C. Packard
      Guillermo Pascual
      Thomas D. Paulus
      Jorge E. Perez, M.D.
      Marcos Perez
      Lillian M. Peters
      Abby Denise Portuondo
      Lindsay Rabito-Leonard
      Mahendra Raolji
      Evan T. Rees
      Lindy Roth
      Leticia Santiago
      Joel H. Schenkman, M.D.
      Betty Anne Schilling
      Anita Sharma
      Paul Skoric
      Neil R. Sosler
      Patricia Stanley
      Claudia M. Stober
      Cristina Sullivan
      Albert R. Taño, M.D.
      Jeffrey Taylor
      Bill R. Tillett
      Ernesto Valdes, M.D.
      Agustin E. Veitia
      Audra Hill Wallace, CPA
      J. Scott Weston
      Joseph Weston
      Vivian Williams
      William W. Wilson, III
      E. Carlton Wilton, Jr.
      Barbara J. Wright
      Lloyd Wruble, D.M.D
      Marta Yee
      Boris Zedan            
      Judith H. Zeder

    • Theodore Feldman, M.D.
      Ghassan Haddad, M.D.
      Yvonne Turner Johnson, M.D.
      Barry T. Katzen, M.D.

    • Matthew Arsenault
      Nancy Batista-Rodriguez
      Lourdes Boue
      Bo Boulenger
      Bill M. Duquette
      Bernie Fernandez, M.D.
      Rick Freeburg
      Javier Hernandez-Lichtl
      Brian E. Keeley
      Christine Kotler
      Ana Lopez-Blazquez
      Joe Natoli
      Patricia Rosello
      Kenneth Spell
      Jack A. Ziffer, Ph.D., M.D.
      Michael Zinner, M.D