Our Mission

Advancing the mission of Baptist Health South Florida through the generosity of donors.

Our Vision

To inspire philanthropy to deliver the difference between excellent care and extraordinary care for the patients we are privileged to serve.

The mission of Baptist Health Foundation is to inspire philanthropy and build extraordinary donor relationships in support of excellence, innovation, community wellness and global leadership in healthcare at Baptist Health South Florida, a not-for-profit organization supported by philanthropy and committed to our faith-based charitable mission of medical excellence.

By collaborating with donors and volunteers, Baptist Health Foundation helps people from all financial levels, including the uninsured. Through philanthropy, the Foundation supports and expands Baptist Health's ability to provide outstanding patient care and bring the latest treatments to patients and families affected by a serious illness. Donor contributions also allow the Foundation to assist Baptist Health facilities in keeping pace with technology and equipment advances, perform cutting-edge research and offer continuing education opportunities to medical staff.

There are numerous meaningful opportunities to help Baptist Health maintain excellence in healthcare now and in the future, and in light of ongoing complexities in the healthcare industry stemming from healthcare reform, philanthropy is playing an increasingly vital role.

2020 Fundraising Overview

We raised almost $40 million in 2020 through your generosity.

698 new commitments from donors
25,521 cash gifts totaling nearly $7 million
15 planned giving and legacy gifts totaling more than $3 million
2,867 first-time donor gifts totaling $13 million
The Impact of Your Generosity

The Impact of Your Generosity

Your support can change a life.

At Baptist Health Foundation, it's no secret that the generosity of our donors, volunteer event committee chairs, Corporate Philanthropy Partners and Board members are vital to helping Baptist Health maintain and build on its steadfast commitment to excellence, innovation, community wellness and global leadership in healthcare. Please view our Foundation’s Annual Report below to see just a few of the many achievements philanthropy has made happen at Baptist Health.

The Foundation has incredible opportunities to be a critical part of Baptist Health’s future growth and mission. Through the generosity and vision of our donors, the Foundation can make a huge impact in the years ahead – and ensure that Baptist Health continues to be the preeminent healthcare provider in the communities we serve, and a national and international leader in healthcare innovation. Increasingly, insurance does not cover or reimburse for the things that help provide that key differentiator of excellence. A part of our mission is to provide charity care to those in need in the communities we serve – and this cost continues to escalate. Philanthropy can help ensure we can continue to deliver this vital and core part of our mission.

Alexandra Villoch
Chief Executive Officer, Baptist Health Foundation

How You Can Help

When you donate to Baptist Health Foundation, your dollars are responsibly invested in sourcing and retaining the best doctors and nurses, developing the best facilities and most effective technologies, and funding important research for clinical testing and application of new and improved treatments and cures. Please join us in our quest to change people's lives for the better, and support the overall wellness of our community.

View Baptist Health Foundation’s Fiscal Year 2019 990 Form.

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