Baptist Health accepts requests from students enrolled in our Partner and Affiliate schools seeking to participate in rotations for hands-on experience and to earn credit towards their degree program.

To complete a student rotation at a Baptist Health affiliated entity, please follow the steps below:

  1. Confirm your school is an affiliate or partner institution of Baptist Health by clicking here to view the most current list. If you do not see your school and/or program on the list, please have your school contact
  2. Contact your school’s Coordinator to express your interest in rotating at Baptist Health
  3. The Coordinator from your school will assist you with securing a preceptor to supervise your rotation. If you are from an Undergraduate Nursing program, the request for clinical placement from your school will be sent via Centralized Clinical Placement System (CCPS) to the Baptist Health Nursing Education Department for approval
  4. Once a preceptor is secured, the school’s Coordinator will submit a request via American DataBank’s Complio system a minimum of two weeks prior to the start of your rotation
  5. The Baptist Health Office of Academic Affairs will review the submission and notify the school once accepted. Students may not begin rotation until they receive an approval e-mail from Baptist Health including information on badge and IT access

For information on Medical Student rotations, click here

Current Baptist Health employees must be in good standing to participate in a student rotation. Current employees cannot complete student rotations at the same facility where they regularly work. Former employees of Baptist Health who are ineligible for rehire are ineligible to participate in student rotations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Student rotations are only offered to students from our Partner and Affiliate schools. In addition, Baptist Health only accepts students from certain degree programs from each school. Please confirm your school and particular degree are both affiliated and approved with Baptist Health.

  • The Baptist Health Office of Academic Affairs does not identify preceptors for prospective rotations. The Coordinator from your school will assist you in securing your preceptor.

  • A Baptist Health badge is required to be worn by students at all times while participating in a rotation at Baptist Health facilities. You will receive instructions in your clearance email with the location and time of your badge pickup.

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