Baptist Health South Florida endeavors at all times to purchase goods and services required to fulfill its charitable mission prudently, fairly and cost-effectively.

Accordingly, it is the policy of Baptist Health that no person may participate in any purchase decision who has a real or perceived conflict of interest.

Additionally, goods and services may not be purchased from a member of the Governing Board, or from a company in which the member of the Governing Board (or a family member of the Governing Board member) has an employment or financial interest. Equally rigid purchasing conflict of interest policies apply to all members of Baptist Health management and its physicians.

In discharging its responsibilities to purchase goods and services prudently, fairly and cost-effectively, Baptist Health will seek to purchase goods and services that provide the greatest value to the organization and its patients.

We also have a preference to purchase goods and services from local organizations, or from Florida or national corporations that have a strong local presence. We insist on doing business with organizations that seek to comply with all federal, state and local laws. Finally, we have a bias to do business with organizations that operate in a socially responsible manner including providing reasonable health insurance options for their employees.

Becoming a Vendor

If you are currently not doing business with Baptist Health South Florida, and are interested in learning more about the requirements to become a vendor, click here.

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