Cancer Patient Support Center

The mission of the Cancer Patient Support Center at Miami Cancer Institute is to enhance the quality of life and health outcomes of patients with cancer and their caregivers by addressing their physical, psychological, social and spiritual needs through high-quality clinical care, education and research across the continuum of care.

Why it is important

From discomfort to emotional stress, a cancer diagnosis and its treatment can take a tremendous toll on the physical and emotional well-being of patients and their caregivers. Taking care of the whole patient is a key component of providing world-class cancer care, and it is central to our mission. Miami Cancer Institute’s interdisciplinary team of physicians and allied health professionals work collaboratively to provide comprehensive, patient-centered care that focuses on your psychological, social and spiritual health. Our goal is to help you be independent and strong so you can continue your familiar activities.

Our Integration

Our integrated, multispecialty approach is centered on the combined resources of four medical specialties:

1. Psychosocial Oncology
2. Integrative Medicine
3. Rehabilitation
4. Survivorship

About Our Center

The Patient Support Center at Miami Cancer Institute is located on the third floor of the Institute’s west wing. The 8,000 square-foot building is uniquely designed to create a therapeutic mind-body environment that promotes healing, wellness and recovery. It includes:

  • Central Gathering Room

    where patients and their loved ones can find relaxation and support.

  • Patient and Family Education and Resource Center

    featuring a computer lab with Internet access and a library with multimedia educational materials.

  • Examination and Consultation Suites

    for psychiatric oncology, holistic integrative medicine, cancer rehabilitation, palliative care, survivorship programs, nutrition counseling, social work, speech pathology and patient navigation.

  • Treatment Suites

    for acupuncture, acupressure and massage therapy.

  • Mind-Body Therapy Suite

    for mindfulness meditation, guided-visual imagery and progressive muscle relaxation.

  • Multimedia Conference and Meeting Rooms

    for support groups, community education sessions, prevention and screening lectures and physical activity sessions such as yoga and Tai Chi.

  • Gourmet Teaching Kitchen

    for nutrition classes, healthy cooking demonstrations, community seminars and celebrity chef events.

  • Brain Fitness Lab

    to provide state-of-the-art computerized neurocognitive assessments and cognitive remediation training programs for patients with cancer-related cognitive impairments.

  • Creative Studio

    for art and music therapy.

  • Meditative Gardens

    and Outdoor Spaces.

  • Gift Shop Boutique and Salon

Learn More About the Programs and Support Offered at Miami Cancer Institute

Patient Navigation Program

The goal of Miami Cancer Institute’s Patient Navigation Program is to streamline care delivery, eliminate barriers to care and enhance the patient experience.

Psychosocial Oncology

Miami Cancer Institute's team of mental health professionals cares deeply about your emotional needs as you cope with cancer and treatment.

Integrative Medicine

The Integrative Medicine program at Miami Cancer Institute promotes lifestyle changes that work together with traditional medical treatments to enhance your health and wellness.


Rehabilitation optimizes your physical conditioning during cancer treatment and mitigates the negative impact on your physical strength, stamina and endurance.

Survivorship Program

As a cancer survivor, you are in good company. Cancer survivors in the U.S. number in the millions, thanks in part to earlier detection and advances in treatment.

Pain Management

Talk to a member of your medical team if you are experiencing pain. Effective management of pain and other symptoms improves your quality of life throughout all stages of disease.

Nutrition and Exercise Counseling

Good nutrition is an important component of health and wellness. Eating habits that are good for cancer patients can be very different from the usual healthy eating guidelines.

Social Work Services

A diagnosis of cancer can leave you and your family members feeling overwhelmed, confused and anxious. We do everything we can to help.

Support Groups

People with cancer are better able to deal with their disease when supported by others. Support groups can help you reduce anxiety and overcome feelings of helplessness.

Educational Programs and Workshops

Our clinical expertise and dedication to delivering compassionate cancer care is only part of the journey.

Pediatric Support Center

Kids deserve to be kids. And that’s not the easiest thing to do if they have cancer. At Miami Cancer Institute, our team of experts works together to focus on the whole child.


Miami Cancer Institute’s CancerConnect helps you to virtually connect with other cancer patients, survivors and caregivers who understand what you are experiencing and can offer valuable insights in a safe and secure environment.

Cancer Patient Support Center

The Cancer Patient Support Center provides a broad range of services from diagnosis through treatment and into survivorship care.

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