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Sugar’s Code Names Revealed

Sugar Code Names Revealed internal

There’s a war raging against sugar in the American diet and for good reason: The sweet compound that our culture loves has been tied to the overweight and obesity epidemic, the increase in type 2 diabetes and countless other diseases and health problems. While the awareness of acceptable levels of sugar consumption has made headway in urging consumers to limit sugar in their diets, confusion still abounds. And with many food manufacturers and marketers turning to sugar pseudonyms, or code names, to mask the added sugar in their products, even health-conscious consumers may not know where sugar is hiding. We called upon Baptist Health registered dietitians Marie Almon and Natalie Castro to help draw the real enemies from their camouflaged bunkers. “Sugar consumption can be difficult to explain,” said Ms. Almon of Baptist Health Primary Care. “There are foods that naturally contain sugar, and then there are foods that contain added sugar.” Examples of natural...

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