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eKids? When to Unplug Digital Devices

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Back when I was a kid, my mom was most concerned with the amount of time I spent in front of the TV or on the phone. Like kids do, I would sneak phone calls after bedtime and watch TV from the time I got home from school until she came home from work, without reporting it to her. Oh those were the days! Today’s parents have more potential vices and devices to control while protecting their children. And unlike our wired telephone or console TV that weighed more than 200 pounds (and only had three channels), today’s threats are handheld, portable and work away from the house. What’s more, we parents must use these devices to stay connected to our jobs, organize the demands of raising kids, and keep abreast of our children’s progress at school. So how can we ask our kids to detach, when they see us tethered to our smartphones, tablets and computers day after day? Baptist Health Medical Group Pediatrician Javier Hiriart, M.D., from the Family Medicine Center at West...

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