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Tattoos and the Hidden Truth

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Butterflies, suns, moons, arrowed hearts and their more evil-looking counterparts – devils, skulls, flaming dragons and knives – are turning skin into colorful works of art. Yet tattoos can hide moles that may change color, size, shape and texture, indicating a serious problem – maybe even skin cancer. Dermatologists report a marked increase in the number of tattooed patients they are seeing in their offices. Not necessarily for skin problems or skin cancer, but just because tattoos are trendy, especially in South Florida. “Few people consider the health of their skin prior to getting a tattoo,” said dermatologist Alysa Herman, M.D., a micrographic skin surgeon experienced with the Mohs technique affiliated with South Miami Hospital, Baptist Hospital and Doctors Hospital. “And many tattoo artists will ignore existing moles, tattooing right over them.” The problem with that, she says, is that skin inked by dark dyes does not allow changes in the skin to be...

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