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The Truth About Pain


Most of us have experienced a sharp, fleeting pain somewhere in our body that causes us to stop whatever we’re doing and try to pinpoint the source of that pain. More times than not, as soon as we stop, the pain goes away and we go on with our lives. What happens, though, when that pain stays around for minutes, hours, days, weeks or months? Can you still brush it off and go about your daily routine? Should you? The answer is a bit more complicated than you might think, according to Moises Lustgarten, M.D., medical director of pain management at Baptist Health Neuroscience Center. “People have different tolerances for pain,” he said. “So instead of saying that long-lasting, or chronic, pain should be attended to right away, we recommend looking at your quality of life as a guide.” Dr. Lustgarten, an anesthesiologist who specializes in pain management, sees a lot of people in his practice who have suffered from neck, lower back and arthritis pain to the point...

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