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Safe Shopping: Clean Hands, Clean Food

woman with shopping cart

Do you know where your shopping cart has been? Researchers found potentially harmful bacteria on 72 percent of shopping carts, with 50 percent of the carts containing E.coli bacteria, of which some strains are a dangerous source of food-borne illness. The study was conducted by University of Arizona researchers, who tested shopping carts in five metropolitan areas across the country. The verdict: The average cart has more bacteria than a public restroom. Shopping cart handles are surfaces that are frequently touched by a large volume of people, including those who may not have washed their hands after using a restroom, sneezing or coughing, explains Barbara Russell, R.N., director of Infection Prevention and Control Services for Baptist Hospital of Miami. Many stores offer free hand wipes at the entrance. Use those disposable wipes to wash off cart handles and your own hands before shopping. “Doing so could help protect you, your family and the food you bring into the...

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