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5 Ways to Control Your Child’s Sweet Tooth

dad and daughter veggies

Are you ready for the scary truth? The average trick-or-treat haul contains three cups of sugar and 4,800 calories, according to researchers. For many families, Halloween is the first in a series of celebrations full of candies and desserts. Here are five tips to help control your child’s sweet tooth, and set your family on the path to healthy eating.   Tip #1: Set a good example. Children aren’t the only ones eating too much sugar. Many adults do, too, says Natalie Castro, a registered dietitian with Baptist Health. “Parents set the example for their children,” she said. “If parents don’t eat fruits and vegetables, their children won’t either.” Healthy eating is a family affair, Ms. Castro explains. Changing a child’s behavior often starts with changing the family’s behavior. It may help parents to know that craving sweets is a learned behavior. This means that craving healthier foods also can be learned. She recommends making gradual changes by reducing...

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