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Fitness Trackers: Equipped to Stay Fit

You have probably seen them on somebody's wrist at the gym or in sporting goods stores. They look like sleek watches, wristbands or pendants. With the idea that knowledge is empowering, these “fitness trackers” monitor physical activity – from steps taken and stairs climbed to calories burned. Some even track heart rate, blood pressure and sleep patterns and are waterproof. Most come with applications that link to smartphones so the wearer constantly sees goals and progress. “From a general standpoint, anytime you can quantify something such as exercise, it is a good thing,” said Manuel Torres, M.D., Baptist Health Medical Group primary care physician. “Because the fitness tracker follows a patient's activity over time, it can provide positive reinforcement as well as motivation.” The trackers, which range in cost from about $100 to more than $200, use eye-catching charts and graphs to show the data. They offer encouragement with features such as smiley...

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Please, Slash the Salt

August 25th, 2014

If you have stopped saying "please, pass the salt", you probably know that too much sodium in the diet can contribute to heart disease risk factors,...

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